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What's On?

The Greatest Showman

Pitch Perfect

A Star Is Born

The Empire Strikes Back

Pulp Fiction

Dirty Dancing

Back to the Future

La La Land - Sing A Long

Grease - Gin Cinema

Bohemian Rhapsody

Pitch Perfect - Includes Ultimate Girl Power LIVE Music Tribute

A Star Is Born - Gin Cinema

Elvis: That's the Way it is- Includes Elvis Presley Tribute

Elvis: That's the Way It Is

Quadrophenia - Includes LIVE Madness Tribute


Waynes World - Includes LIVE Foo Fighters Tribute

Wayne's World

Grease - Includes LIVE Take That Tribute

Film on this evening tbc - Includes LIVE Elton John Tribute

Mamma Mia Here we go again! - Includes LIVE ABBA Tribute

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

A Star Is Born - Includes LIVE The Tom Seals Band

Shaun of the Dead - Includes LIVE The Killers Tribute

Shaun of the Dead

Pretty Woman

Guardians of the Galaxy