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Hot food

This menu is available at the Newark location only. Once you arrive and are allocated a bay number you can place your order by clicking here.

Take advantage of our wide range of snacks and drinks on offer which, by the way, is all ordered contactless via your mobile and served directly to your car (We even send you a friendly text link beforehand to pre-order!)


Margherita £7.95
Meat Feast £8.50
BBQ Chicken £8.50
Vegan £8.50
Chicken & Pesto £8.50
Pepperoni £8.50
Hawaiian £8.50
Gluten Free £7.50


Hot Cookie Dough £5.50
Ice Cream Sundae £5.50
Chocolate Brownie £5.50
Plain Belgian Waffles £5.50
Ice-Cream Tub & Flake £3.50
Blueberry Pancakes £5.50
Blueberry Waffles £5.50


Vanilla £4.50
Oreo £5.20
Kinder Bueno £5.20
Maltesers £5.20
Milky Bar Kid £4.50
Banana £4.80
Galaxy Chocolate £5.20
After Eight £5.20
Reese's £5.20
Nutella £5.20


Deluxe Hot Chocolate £3.20
Latte, Mocha £2.50
Cappuccino £2.50
Mint Hot Chocolate £3.50
Tea £2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero £2.50
500ml Bottles
Sprite, Dr Pepper £2.50
500ml Bottles
Mineral Water £2.00
Sparkling Mineral Water £2.50