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Barbell Burger Co joins Nightflix

We've partnered with Barbell Burger Co. to bring a mouth-watering menu to our guests at the Newark Showground.

Take advantage of the fantastic food on offer which, by the way, is all ordered contactless via your mobile and served directly to your car (We even send you a friendly text link beforehand to pre-order!).

Find our Colchester menu HERE.

The Barbell Burger Range

"Those are good burgers, Walter."
The Big Lebowski, 1998

All burgers are 28 day aged, locally sourced beef, 2 x american cheese, lettuce, gherkin, burger sauce & brioche bun
The Cheese Burger £6.00
The Bacon Cheese £7.00
Free-range pancetta
The Spicy One £7.00
Sriracha mayo, chillies & spicy cheese
The Halloumi £6.00
Rocket, sriracha mayo & Brioche Bun

The Extra Stuff

"You know what they put on fries in Holland?"
Pulp Fiction. 1994
Extra Patty £2.00
Cajun Fries £3.00

Snacky Snacks

"Ah... you brought a snack"
Twilight. 2008
Popcorn £1.50
Ice-Cream £2.50

The Wet Stuff

"Would you like a drink?"
Withnail & I. 1987
Cans of Soda £2.00