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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q- Can I move my booking to another date or showing?
A- Yes, up to 48 hours before ShowTime.

2. Q- Can I get a refund?
A- Not unless we cancel a showing (for instance, if weather stops play or we hit insurmountable technical problems) we will offer an alternative screening.

3. Q- What happens in bad weather?
A- We think sitting in a car in the rain watching a film is romantic, but if you don't agree you can move your booking so long as you contact us no less than 48 hours before the film start time.
There are times when we need to cancel. Our screen is rated up to wind speeds of 24mph, and we may cancel if it looks like you won't get home because of snow, if it's foggy, or if our projector breaks down (it's new, but it has happened). We will assess the weather at lunchtime each day and cancel a screening if we need to. So long as you provided email and mobile phone details when you booked, you will receive a message to say the show is cancelled along with a web link so you can reschedule for any other showing (of any other same-price film) without time limit. The showtime will also display as 'cancelled' on the website.

4. Q- Are children allowed to be asleep in the car?
A- We do allow children to be asleep in the car as long as they are within the age rating of the film. For example a film was rated 12a this would be okay for a 5 year old to be in the car, but if it is a 12 rating then this would not.

5. Q- Are we allowed to sit outside our cars for example, on a picnic blanket?
A- Yes, you'll need your car windows down to hear the audio but providing there's room and you don't block the view of others then we are happy for you to bring seating, and blankets!

6. Q- When you pre- book your tickets does that mean you pre- book a car space, for example near the front?
A- No, you pre book your ticket but it is a first come first served basis in regarding to where your car is parked. (Larger vehicles will be asked to go towards the back).

7. Q- Will there be any refreshments sold on site?
A- Yes, there will be a range of food and drink. For example, popcorn, sweets and crisps and various cold drinks.

8. Q- Are there toilets on site?
A- Yes there are.

9. Q- If I pre- book on line how do I get my tickets?
A- Once you have purchased your tickets online, you will receive an email that has a link attached. Click on the attachment and it will take you to a page with your ticket on. You then simply print it out and bring it along with you and a member of staff will scan it on entry of the site.

10. Q- How do you hear the film?
A- You simply tune it in through your in car FM radio system* Subject to venue location.

11. Q- What if I need to leave unexpectedly mid-way through the film, will I be able to get out?
A- Yes, there will be enough space between each vehicle to be able to drive out if need be. Please let a member of staff that you need to leave as they will assist you out. We also need to be made aware for head count for health and safety purposes.

12. Q- Will I be able to use payment via card on site or is it cash only?
A- The answer is both. We accept cash payment as well as card, however we do not accept cheques. Please note that the catering unit only accepts cash.

13. Q- Can I keep my engine running?
A- Yes, you can keep your engine on throughout the film, we have jump leads on site should they be needed.

14. Q- How do passengers in the back of the vehicle see the screen?
A- We position vehicles so that everyone can have a good view of the screen, however, ultimately it would depend on the vehicles.